Convergence III - Ravenal Bridge, Charleston, SC

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite places - Charleston, South Carolina. Among its lovely old homes and churches are many that I tried to capture, and many more I only wish I had time for. In addition, I visited the Ravenal Bridge, hoping to get a nice long exposure of clouds streaking above the bridge.

Convergence III, Ravenal Bridge, Charleston, South Carolina, © Scott Thomas

Unfortunately, I hiked out onto the bridge to take the images, and discovered that I had left my cable release in the car! There’s a lesson in there! That limited me to the camera’s built in 30 second timer for long exposure, which, in turn, meant that even with 16 stops of ND filters I had to use f/22 to extend the duration to 30 seconds.

None of that mattered for this image, however. This one was taken at a relatively breezy 1/30 second. Originally planned as a test shot, I liked the clouds so well that I went ahead and processed it.

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