Fog Over the Golden Hills

Fog Over the Golden Hills - copyright (c) 2016 Scott ThomasFor some reason, I’ve been holding back on posting this image. I don’t really know why. Anyway, it’s time has arrived.

Last year, visiting family in California, I went out with my son-in-law, who was hunting with his Harris Hawk, Maiden. The story of that photo is told in this post. While we were there, the early morning fog began to burn off the nearby hills, and the sun started to reflect on the grasses there. The result was Fog Over the Golden Hills, above.

I have felt this was a special image ever since I took it, but I waited to see if I might feel like changing the processing after waiting a bit. Surprisingly, the finished image is nearly identical to the first pass at sharpening, increasing contrast, and a few other minor tweaks.

If you’re interested, Fog Over the Golden Hills is available for purchase in our shop.