Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls This spring we took a family trip to the (US) West Coast to visit our newest grandson and his parents :-) and, since we have quite a lot of family up and down the coast, we made it a road trip from Seattle, Washington to Morgan Hill, California (about 90 minutes south of San Francisco). Near Portland, Oregon we visited the lovely Columbia River gorge, where I was able to get a shot of Multnomah Falls.

One reason you rarely see different perspectives of this lovely waterfall is that the park has created a viewing area quite near the falls (spray from the waterfall is quite evident while taking the photographs), but has blocked access to most other areas.

I consider this image to be a work-in-progress - meaning I like it but I don’t feel that it has quite fulfilled my vision for it. I’ll continue working on it, and will re-post it when I’m satisfied with it.

What do you think?