PhotoDay Around the World: Washington DC

PhotoDay Around the World 2014 is in the books. More about the groups that met around the world in an upcoming post, but today I’ll share about the Washington, DC event.

The meet was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at the Jefferson Memorial, with the idea being to spend some time visiting the various monuments in the area, perhaps getting some long exposures or other images, then waiting for sunset and capturing some images of the monuments lighted for nighttime.

Photo: Jefferson Silhouette © 2014 Scott Thomas While waiting for the starting time, we noticed (well, actually, my wife, Ruth, noticed) a great silhouette of Jefferson through the columns at the side of the Memorial. There was a pesky cloud visible behind the silhouette that looked a little odd, so I zoomed in with my 18-135mm zoom and took a long exposure - 139 seconds using both a 10-stop and 6-stop neutral density filter stacked. This would also help to remove the people who occasionally wandered out to the edge of the monument.

As it turned out, there were only five people remaining in the image to be processed, and a square crop got rid of three of them (and I like square crops, so that was perfect!).

Do you like it?