PhotoDay Around the World - Origin

*Apologies!* Since Google has shuttered its Google+ network, the links in this post are no longer working.

How did PhotoDay Around the World get started?

I am one of three owners of a B&W learning community on Google+ called 256 Shades of Gray which is a successor to our prior 52 Shades of Gray community. Several of our members discovered that they all lived near Toronto, ON, Canada, and decided to meet for photography. What a wonderful idea!


When I noticed this, a spark burst into flame, and PhotoDay Around the World was born! Knowing that our little community was too small (only about 150 people) to have groups in very many locations, we also enlisted the help of the largest photo community on Google+, Landscape Photography. They embraced the idea and the event was created, and invitations were sent to all my contacts, and several others sent them to theirs, as well.

Very quickly our Toronto group became enthusiastic, planning their PhotoDay events. The “official” plan was to allow local leaders to decide on the time, meeting location, and duration of the events, since they would best know these things. The Toronto group took things farther, and set up a full day of events, with multiple locations!

If you check out the Event page, you’ll see more of the Toronto photos from PhotoDay Around the World, as well as from the other locations.