PhotoDay is Today

*Apologies!* Since Google has shuttered its Google+ network, the links in this post may not be working.

photo: Nansemond Sunset Today is PhotoDay Around the World. There are several events scheduled all over the world for 31 May 2014. Local group leaders scheduled a meeting place and time, and then participants will post photos to the PhotoDay event on Google+. I’ll be in Washington DC, leading a group for PhotoDay, and hope to have something to post later this week.

Some of the most active groups are in Sydney, Australia, in Toronto, Canada, and in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, there are several US groups, UK groups, groups in Germany, France, Belgium, India, Indonesia, and more!

If you missed PhotoDay, no worries! We hope to do this again next year, and perhaps before that!

But don’t be stuck on the dates! The entire idea is that PhotoDay is EveryDay! Grab your camera, grab a friend, and get inspired!

Have a great PhotoDay - a fun day of photography for a world of photographers!