Seward and the Glaciers

Last week’s post was about day trips from Anchorage. This week is our cruise to see wildlife and glaciers from Seward.

Family and friends had told us to take a cruise so that we could see the glaciers. Working, as we were, from land, we arranged our own cruise. We booked a sightseeing cruise sailing from Seward. Seward is a bit over two hours drive south of Anchorage.

We drove down in the morning, arriving in time to check in and browse the gift shop. Before long we boarded and found seats on the upper deck. While waiting to depart, a convocation of bald eagles. There must have been 15 or 20 of them, soaring high overhead, waiting for fish from the fishing boats in the harbor.

Once we departed, we saw a glacier that is really three glaciers that have merged together.

Farther down Resurrection Bay we turned into another bay, where we saw Exit Glacier. While we were there the glacier was calving.

Exit Glacier, Alaska

Exit Glacier, Alaska. The smaller white area at left of the above photo is the area where the photo below is taken.

Cruise boat in front of glacier

Cruise boat in front of Exit Glacier.

Exit Glacier, Alaska, calving

Exit Glacier, Alaska, calving. The part that fell off is about the size of the boat in the middle photo.

Not far from the glacier we saw some amazing rock formations rising from the water. One had a bald eagle perched on it.

Bald eagle perched on rock formation, Alaska

Bald eagle perched on rock formation.

On the way back to Seward we passed a rock with seals basking in the unseasonably warm September sun. Before long, there were Orcas around the boat, one swimming directly under the boat. Apparently they were hoping to find a seal.

Seals basking on rock, Alaska

Seals basking on rock

Seals basking on rock, Alaska

Seals basking on rock

Orca (sometimes called a Killer Whale)  in Alaska

Orca coming up after swimming under the boat.

After driving back to Anchorage, we arrived in time to stop at one of the parks for sunset.

Sunset, Anchorage, Alaska

Sunset, Anchorage, Alaska

Next time: Denali!