Something Slightly Different

… and now for something completely slightly different!

On a recent trip to the Norfolk Botanical Garden, I was enjoying the flowers, especially the wonderful selection of day lillies, and hoping to get some material for some new floral portraits. When I reviewed the images, I felt that some of them did not seem to work as portraits, but began playing with some other processing techniques.

I settled on a process called Bleach Bypass, which desaturates the colors a bit, and gives a slightly faded, washed out (and sometimes gritty) look. There is a “Bleach Bypass” preset in Lightroom, which does a good job. Some of the flowers below are processed with the Bleach Bypass preset, some have been tweaked significantly afterward, and others achieve the process manually.

I hope you enjoy them!

Calla Lilly Powell’s Cape Lilly Day Lilly Foxglove