If It's Spring, There Will Be Flowers...

Perhaps it has been a funny winter in your area, like it has in mine. Unseasonably warm though much of the winter, the last couple of weeks before the “official” start of spring, we had unusually cold nights (and some days, too), with temperatures below freezing becoming something of a regular fixture. Our poor spring blooms (the flowering trees, bulbs, and other spring flowers) seemed so confused, as the peeked out, then froze. Still, if it is Spring, there must be flowers!

Spring Flowers - Cherry Blossoms

Once Spring entered “officially” the temperatures warmed a bit, and the cherry tree in our yard put forth beautiful white flowers. The cherry blossoms were spectacular, and the other spring flowers began to appear.

Of course, that meant a trip to the wonderful Norfolk Botanical Garden was in order!

Spring Flowers - Purple Majesty

It is the perfect time, as the cherry blossoms are still out, the camellia are in full bloom (and there are so many huge plants, with so many different varieties!), and the crocus and hyacinth, and many others are also in bloom.

It was a bit too early for the azaleas, but the ones in our yard are beginning to flower, so another week or so should be perfect for a walk through the Garden’s azalea trails.