Swans and New Photoshop Feature

Walking along a canal a few days ago, there was a lovely swan gliding along, hoping for a handout. I took a few shots of it, but hadn’t noticed that the reflection was barely inside the frame.

SwanWhen I went to process the image – it had always been a monochrome image, to my mind – I realized that the reflection was nearly cut off at the bottom of the frame. That’s when I remembered that the new updates of Adobe Photoshop CC have a new feature - content aware crop. It was time to give it a try.

I grabbed the crop tool, made sure content aware was activated, and stretched the crop beyond the bottom of the image. Voila! There was not only space at the bottom of the image, but the reflection of the swan’s neck was extended as well (a bit too far, actually). Zooming in, I could identify where the natural reflection ended, so used the content aware patch tool to remove the excess, and the image had been saved. How cool!